Instructions and Attentions For The Oil Pump

Instructions and Attentions For The Oil Pump Date:2023-12-27

Following the request below to install oil pump with some accessories.(for example: bush, o-ring, gasket)

  1. Oil pump must keep clean, renew the filter on time and impurity is not available, which will break the inner accessories of oil pump, and affect its performance.
  2. Please pour clean oil into inlet and outlet hole before use, and round the driving gear which should be flexible, smooth and no stuck.
  3. Ensure the standard engine oil which should be inspect and anew regularly, and keep clean without mixing iron dust, sand and other impurities.
  4. Keep sealing for all the parts in engine when install oil pump to prevent affecting performance of pump by oil leakage or air.
  5. The oil pump is high precision;ensure location of work piece when install, and no hammering, or it will be damaged.
  6. The height, length and diameter of oil inlet tube should be meet calculationvalue which should be small. To short the time of drain oil avoids the engine parts dry friction.
  7. Oil pump can’t bear oil inlet and outlet pipeline without pipeline support.
  8. Oil pump assembly is precision that non professionalis not allowed to take apart and change.