What is a water pump for excavator?

What is a water pump for excavator?

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what is a water pump for excavator?

Pump engine using a centrifugal pump. The pump consists of housing, impellers, bearings, shaft, seal, and drive pulleys and other components.

  1. housing

Pump casing is made of cast iron of cast aluminum. Large cast iron housing wall thickness and quality, with the improvement of engine weight reduction requirements, currently only available on some large engines are still using water pump housing of cast iron. Many also on cast iron housing with a portion of the waterway and the room thermostat are installed, which makes a further increase in the weight of the housing. Now the new pump using cast aluminum housing, and housing smaller and smaller dimensions, much of the housing is no longer functional waterways.

  1. shaft

Pump shaft is generally made of forged steel. Pump impeller mounted on one end of the shaft, the shaft is supported by bearings on the pump housing. the other end of the pump shaft mounted pulley, drive by the engine crankshaft.

  1. bearing

Pump bearing is an important component of pump. There is a considerable portion of the pump failure is caused by damage to the pump bearings. With the gradual development in the direction of the engine’s power, water pump bearing needs to have a high thermal stability, greater carrying capacity and better seal, so some pumps use a shaft bearing.

  1. impeller

Pump impeller made of cast iron and other metal of plastic made using backward curved semi-circular arc, arc, or arc-shaped double lade air foil was consistent with the direction of flow, high pumping efficiency. Pump impeller that made of cast iron mass is large, but high mechanical strength, currently used on many large engines. Plastic impeller easily achieve miniaturization and weight reduction, and good corrosion resistance, easy contouring control, so more and more use of the plastic engine water pump impeller.

  1. pulley

Depending on the toothed belt, the pulley can be divided into v-shaped pulleys and toothed pulleys. With fewer and fewer tape drive engine, more pumps and generators, air conditioning compressors share a toothed belt drive, so the toothed pulley is also increasing.

  1. seal

The main role of water seals sealed to prevent leakage of coolant, and the coolant water pump bearing isolators to protect the bearings. Although the seal processing has been continuously improved, but the damage caused by the pump seal leak is still the main reason for damage to the pump.