The turbocharger precautions for use

Do not drive the engine immediately after the start,should run idle for 3-5 minutes to ensure good lubrication,pay attention to idle time should not be too long. After stopping the car should not immediately turn off the engine,should idle to 3-5  minutes,so that the turbocharger temperature and speed gradually down to prevent overheating,coking,bearing damage and […]

VOE20933297 Turbocharger

Turbocharger Maintenance Precautons

The turbocharger lubricating oil is supplied by the engine main oil passage,and the oil return to the oil pan by its own weight. To ensure that the entire engine lubrication system intact and supercharger inflow pipeline and floe pipeline unobstructed,and regularly inspection,cleaning,if necessary,replacement. Should be strictly in accordance with the engine instructions required to use […]


What is a water pump for excavator?

what is a water pump for excavator? Pump engine using a centrifugal pump. The pump consists of housing, impellers, bearings, shaft, seal, and drive pulleys and other components. housing Pump casing is made of cast iron of cast aluminum. Large cast iron housing wall thickness and quality, with the improvement of engine weight reduction requirements, currently only available on some […]


What is a CrankShaft?

The crankshaft is the main rotating part of the engine. After the connecting rod is installed, the up and down (reciprocating) motion of the connecting rod can be changed into cyclic (rotating) motion. Is an important part of the engine, made of carbon structural steel or ductile iron, has two important parts: spindle neck, connecting […]


Instructions and Attentions For The Oil Pump

Following the request below to install oil pump with some accessories.(for example: bush, o-ring, gasket) Oil pump must keep clean, renew the filter on time and impurity is not available, which will break the inner accessories of oil pump, and affect its performance. Please pour clean oil into inlet and outlet hole before use, and […]


Pressure Limiting Valve Installation and Function

Structure: Pressure limiting valve is fixed in oil pump house, it has steel ball type or plunger type. When the oil pressure in outlet is up to a certain height, the steel ball will be pushed away by the pressure affect on ball surmount the spring thrust of pressure limiting valve. And some lubricating oil […]


Internal gear oil pump working principle

There is eccentricity between the driving and driven gear, the oil will be sucked when oil pump is running under driving crankshaft to make  the internal and external gear disengaged. The gear is keeping turning and internal and external gears will be separated by the crescent block. Thus, the oil in gear flow to outlet […]


Gear Oil Pump

According to gear mesh, they are external gear oil pump(eg. CAT336D C9 Oil pump) and internal gear oil pump. External gear oil pump working principle: It is composed of driving shaft, driving gear, driven gear and pump house. Two same tooth of gears are engaged, this driving gear turns driven gear to rotate in reverse […]


Rotor Oil Pump

The working principle of rotor oil pump. The inner rotor and outer rotor are assembled in oil pump house with a certain eccentricity. Inner rotor is fixed on drive shaft, outer rotor rotates freely, their each teeth converged on one point when inner rotor rotates with shaft. It makes working chamber which rotates from oil […]