BF6M2012 Major Overhaul Kit
BF6M2012 Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit

BF6M2012 Major Overhaul Kit

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Deutz BF6M2012 Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit

This kit contains the necessary items needed for a basic rebuild of the engine. Below are the key components that are normally included in an engine kit.

Piston Kits (Piston, Piston Pin, and Pin Retainers)
Piston Rings
Main Bearings
Stop Ring
Rod Bearings
Gasket Kit
Head Gasket(s) (1, 2, or 3 Notch)
Head Bolts
Connecting Rod Bolts
Exhaust Valves
Intake Valves
Valve Cones (Keepers)
Valve Guides
Seat Insert Rings (Exhaust)
Seat Insert Rings (Intake)
Tappets (Lifters)
Fuel Pump
Oil Pump
Fuel Filter
Oil Filter
Camshaft Bushings